Our Pastor

Pastor Allen Davis

Pastor Allen Davis was born January 24th, 1975 in Charlotte, NC. He was Born-Again in May of 1991 at Green Street Baptist Church in High Point, NC. It was only after his best friend was persistent in inviting him to church, that he went. It was on a Thursday night at a youth meeting, the Holy Ghost convicted his heart and showed him he was a sinner. For the first time in his life, he realized that he was lost and on his way to a Devil’s Hell. He had no hope of escaping that awful place, outside of the grace of God and the shed blood of Jesus Christ. He asked the Lord to save him that night at the age of 16 yrs old. In May of 2001, God called him to preach.

Pastor Davis had the privilege of getting to marry his elementary school sweetheart, Angie. They were married right out of high school after he completed Basic Training in Orlando, FL and “A” School in Millington, TN for the US Navy. They have 5 children whom God has trusted them to raise for His glory.

  • Jessica – lives in North Carolina and is serving in her church faithfully
  • Justin – is very friendly and helpful. He also loves playing different instruments and singing. He was the song leader at LBC in California
  • Jordan – is very friendly and outgoing. He also loves to sing and ran our sound system at LBC in California
  • Jenny – is quiet but very friendly. She loves to sing and play the piano. She became the piano player at LBC in California after Jessica moved away
  • Julia – also loves to sing and is very outgoing. She never meets a stranger.

While visiting some friends they had made while in the military, They found themselves in Chester, California. While there, they realized there was no independent Baptist church in the area. They spent the next several years praying, preparing and traveling on deputation, then moved to Chester, CA in 2016 to start the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Chester.

In May 2019, regional wildfires and the local restrictions placed on the Community Center caused them difficulty in finding a home or meeting place for church services. Heartbroken, they realized that God closed the door for them in Chester. As they continued to stay busy serving wherever God opened doors, the burden for the west remained. Another trip out west in October 2019 to the Salt Lake City area revealed a new direction for the Davis family.

Already, They have seen God do miracles in a seemingly impossible place.

They are excited to be in the Salt Lake Valley, in the Ogden area!